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Texas becomes first US state to ban warrantless email snooping

Submitted by on June 19, 2013 – 12:06 PM

A posting from Naked Security:

Texas has become the first US state to ban email snooping without a warrant.

Governor Rick Perry signed the new privacy bill - HB 2268 - into law on Friday. It went into effect immediately.

The bill enacts a law that sets Texas residents apart from the other 49 states by protecting them from state and local law enforcement surveillance carried out without a warrant.

The portion of the bill that pertains to privacy was written by 29-year-old freshman Republican legislator Jonathan Stickland, who represents an area between Dallas and Fort Worth.

Stickland told the Star-Telegram that he’s fighting for ideals that all US citizens can get behind – a sentiment the newspaper applauded:


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