Code Theft: Protecting IP At The Source

July 29, 2015 fdesir 0

An interesting article from DarkReading titled “Code Theft: Protecting IP At The Source” by Anna Chiang.   Your corporate assets are at risk and every day that you avoid taking action shortens the time until your IP […]

Online Security: How The Experts Keep Safe

July 27, 2015 fdesir 0

An interning article titled “Online Security: How The Experts Keep Safe” from information week by Thomas Claburn. In the 1976 thriller Marathon Man, Nazi war criminal Dr. Christian Szell tortures runner “Babe” Levy to find out whether […]

Dark Reading Radio: Firewall Smackdown

July 14, 2015 fdesir 0

A posting from dark reading by  Marilyn Cohodas  titled firwall smackdown:   Is there a future for the venerable firewall? Join us for a debate between security CEOs Asaf Cidon of Sookasa and Jody Brazil […]

Super Cookies, able to Stomp on your Privacy in a Single Bound

November 12, 2014 ronmac 2

Most of us know about cookie being used to track what websites or searches you have been performing in order to give us web based ads on top or off to the side of your web browsers. This has been going on for a long time and has become a norm for most search engines and others that make their living off of advertising. […]

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