A List of Top WordPress Security Plugins by EUKHOST.com

January 30, 2012 SecurityOrb_Staff 0

The ratio of websites running on CMS’s can be assumed to be more than the custom designed sites built from scratch. Quite understandably, there are more number of users using WordPress than any other CMS, hence it becomes crucial to have enhanced security measures for your site. Due to a large volume of users using WordPress as a platform, an increasing number of hackers and fraudsters try to compromise the security of such sites. In majority of the instances sites running on WordPress are compromised due to outdated files and/or plug-ins. Such outdated versions of the associated scripts act as an easy meal for fraudsters. […]

Google Releases Chrome 16.0.912.77

January 24, 2012 admin 0

US-Cert has just distributed a notification about the release of Chrome 16.0.912.77 for Linux, Mac, Windows, and Chrome Frame to address multiple vulnerabilities.
The vulnerabilities may allow an attacker to execute arbitrary code or
cause a denial-of-service condition. […]

Scammers waste no time in exploiting Steve Jobs’ death

October 7, 2011 SecurityOrb_Staff 0

As much of the world mourns the passing of Steve Jobs — one of the technology industry’s greatest visionaries — the bottom feeders of the cyber crime world are greedily exploiting the tragedy through scams promising unwitting users a chance to win a free iPad.

Sophos has reported in its Naked Security blog on one such scam already circulating via Facebook that reads as follows: “In memory of Steve, a company is giving out 50 ipads tonight. R.I.P. Steve Jobs,” followed by a tailored bit.ly link ending with “restinpeace-steve-jobs.” Clicking the link takes users to one of countless malicious Web pages. […]

Introducing SAINT for MAC OS X

January 12, 2011 SecurityOrb_Staff 0

Vulnerability Scanning –

Assess any target with an IPv4, IPv6, or URL with pre-defined policies for PCI, HIPAA, FISMA, and more. Identify CVE, OSVDB, IAVA, OVAL, and more.

Penetration Testing –

Exploit vulnerabilities to gain remote access. Run social engineering, phishing assessments, and more with the exploit tools suite. […]

Browser History Hijacking Flaw

December 9, 2010 admin 0

Browser history hijacking is a flaw in a web browser that allows certain websites access to all the sites a user has ever visited. This is a techniques used by sporting, news, movie, financial and porn websites to better place ads and check to see if you have visited any of their competitors. […]

Web Application Security: An Overview

November 17, 2010 SecurityOrb_Staff 0

Web developers typically do not have any formal training in the area of security and their priorities usually lie elsewhere. Business functionality and meeting tight deadlines are typically the focus areas of developers and security is often forgotten, or at most, an afterthought. This leaves the door wide open for attackers to discover vulnerabilities and exploit them to gain access to sensitive data. […]

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