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    Book Review of “Practical Cyber Intelligence” by Wilson Bautista Jr

    Bautista’s approach of the book “Practical Cyber Intelligence” was comprehensive for both the beginner and seasoned security practitioner regardless of their role. I do think seasoned professional in leadership will find more value in the text as compared to a Jr. Security Analyst. In addition, as an educator, this text definitely has a role in the academic realm especially in the graduate level. […]

  • Documentary

    Cyberwar Season 1 – Episode 1 Recap: Who is Anonymous?

    The first episode looked into the decentralized group of international activist hackers known as “Anonymous” which has been linked to numerous high-profile incidents over the years, including Internet attacks on governments, major corporations, financial institutions and religious groups. […]

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    Web Applications and the Need to Test Them

    What make using web applications so desirable to many organizations is that it lightens the developer of the responsibility of building a client for a specific type of computer or a specific operating system. […]


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