BSD Operating Systems. August issue is here!

July 31, 2010 SecurityOrb_Staff 0

I am happy to introduce you August issue. This time we will be mentioning Windows, Ubuntu in our magazine, but surely it will be more than connected to BSD.
Get yourself a copy and let us know if it was usefull and interesting.
We also have modified and have another survey for you, please find some time to fill it in.

Facebook Hacked or Not? – 100 Million User Profiles on Public Site

July 30, 2010 admin 0

Recently in the media, there has been a big “commotion” about the 100 million Facebook profiles containing user IDs, names, URLs and other data that was obtained and place into a file and posted online by Ron Bowles a security consultant. The media and surprisingly many security professionals have been spinning this matter as massive hack on Facebook and its users, when it fact it really was not. […]

August Issue of Hakin9: Securing the Cloud – Free Download

July 30, 2010 SecurityOrb_Staff 0

August issue of Hakin9: Securing the Cloud

New issue of Hakin9 magazine already available!

Prey: A New Hope by Mervyn Heng
An introduction to Reverse Engineering: Flash, .NET by Nilesh Kumar
Web Malware – Part 1 by Rajdeep Chakraborty
Cyber warfare with DNSbotnets by Francisco Alonso
Search Engine Security and Privacy by Rebecca Wynn
Securing the Cloud: Is it a Paradigm Shift in Information Security? by Gary Miliefsky
Radio Frequency-enabled Identity Theft by Julian Evans
Intelligence Monopolies by Matthew Jonkmann
Special Report: Capturing the New Frontier: How To Unlock the Power of Cloud Computing by Mike Armistead

iPhone Jailbreaking: Security Concern or Not?

July 27, 2010 admin 0

For those who are not familiar with the term jailbreak, it is freeing a device from the constraints imposed by the vendor. It normally requires the installation of software on a computer that will allow it to be installed on the device thus breaking it wide open for access and full modification as well as access to third party non-approved software. […]

Black Hat Uplink USA

July 26, 2010 SecurityOrb_Staff 0

This year thousands of security professionals from around

the world are making plans to be a part of Black Hat USA 2010.

But not all of those people will actually be in Las Vegas.

With Black Hat Uplink, you can experience essential content

that shapes the security industry for the coming year.

Register now for Black Hat Uplink with Promo Code BH80UL

to activate your discount (limited number of seats available).

IT Security Certifications

July 26, 2010 SecurityOrb_Staff 0

IT Security Certifications are becoming more and more popular and necessary as the job economy becomes tougher. IT Security Professionals are trying to distant themselves from their competition while companies are looking for the best and brightest in the field. Below are some of the certifications I am researching for a bigger IT Security Certifications project. […]

Insider Threat Still a Big Issue to Network Security

July 26, 2010 SecurityOrb_Staff 0

Internal users continue to be the torn in system and security administrator’s side. This is the case for many reasons. One, they have knowledge of the networking recourses. Two, they have credentials to access various systems on the network and third, most security controls defend against external entities as compared to internal users. According to the Computer Security Institute (CSI), approximately 80 percent of network misuse incidents originate from inside the network. […]

85% of All Crimes Leaves a Digital Fingerprint

July 26, 2010 admin 0

It has been stated that 85% of all crime leaves a digital fingerprint in electronic devices. This may occur from an Internet intrusion, identity theft and traditional crime like murder. Computer forensics has aided in the investigation of these crimes. Computer Forensics is the use of specialized techniques for recovery, authentication, and analysis of electronic data when a case involves issues relating to reconstruction of computer usage, examination of residual data, authentication of data by technical analysis or explanation of technical features of data and computer usage. […]

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