CEIC 2011

January 26, 2011 SecurityOrb_Staff 0

CEIC is one of the largest international gatherings of legal, IT, law enforcement, and government attendees that focus on the latest developments in the digital investigations field. Industry experts, decision-makers and influencers attend CEIC year after year for a high-quality educational program and valuable networking opportunities. […]

RSA Conference USA 2011

January 26, 2011 SecurityOrb_Staff 0

RSA Conference 2011 proudly brings the industry’s best and brightest together to celebrate its 20th anniversary. Join us as we honor the giants of the past and look toward the future.

14th Annual New York State Cyber Security Conference

January 26, 2011 SecurityOrb_Staff 0

The 2011 Conference is co-sponsored by the NYS Division of Homeland Security and Emergency Services Office of Cyber Security (OCS), the New York State Forum, Inc. and the University at Albany’s School of Business and College of Computing and Information. OCS’s experience with leading and coordinating New York State’s cyber security efforts and the University’s academic excellence in information assurance combine to make this a must-attend event. […]

The 7th annual Techno Forensics Conference

January 26, 2011 SecurityOrb_Staff 0

The 7th annual Techno Forensics Conference will debut a track specifically devoted to Forensics industry professionals with highlighted focus on photo/video forensics and crime scene investigation and evidence collection. Joining together the Digital Forensic and Forensic communities reflects the crossover apparent today within a wide range of forensic and digital disciplines. This annual event brings together key stakeholders from industry, academia and government in an effort to strengthen this important technology, research, and communication bridge. […]

TakeDownCon 2011

January 25, 2011 admin 0

About TakeDownCon

Focused – All presentations for each event focuses on the chosen subject domains. Nothing else.
Highly Technical – TakeDown Con insists that all presenters do live demonstrations or showcases.
Speaks Binary Only – Ability to understand English is NOT enough here. You need to speak the Zeros and Ones.
Knowledge Acquisition – By participating in the event, you will definitely learn something that is of value (unlike some others)
Conducive Environment – You will not be squashed like ducks. Though we cannot guarantee everyone a seat, you will get to stand comfortably, at least. […]

ShmooCon 2011 – Security Conference

January 25, 2011 SecurityOrb_Staff 0

ShmooCon is an annual east coast hacker convention hell-bent on offering three days of an interesting atmosphere for demonstrating technology exploitation, inventive software and hardware solutions, and open discussions of critical infosec issues. The first day is a single track of speed talks called One Track Mind. The next two days bring three tracks: Build It, Break It and Bring It On. […]

Facebook to Collaborate with Amber Alert

January 22, 2011 admin 0

Facebook has decided to collaborate with the AMBER Alert system, The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children and The U.S. Department of Justice to create 53 individual pages, one for each state including the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands. Users will start receiving updates via their news feeds. […]

Introducing SAINT for MAC OS X

January 12, 2011 SecurityOrb_Staff 0

Vulnerability Scanning –

Assess any target with an IPv4, IPv6, or URL with pre-defined policies for PCI, HIPAA, FISMA, and more. Identify CVE, OSVDB, IAVA, OVAL, and more.

Penetration Testing –

Exploit vulnerabilities to gain remote access. Run social engineering, phishing assessments, and more with the exploit tools suite. […]

Understanding What Threat Lies Beneath!

January 8, 2011 SecurityOrb_Staff 0

The average citizen is very lax with the security of their credit card information therefore may be giving a non-verbal invitations to credit card scammers. Understanding how your card can be compromised is the first step to protecting your credit. There are many ways to extract your sensitive data to enable someone to go on a “free” shopping spree. […]

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