Vulnerability Management eSymposium

October 21, 2011 SecurityOrb_Staff 0

Cybercriminals frequently take advantage of vulnerabilities in web and other applications to gain entrance to wider corporate infrastructures. With breaches now happening on a regular basis using these methods, critical information of all kinds is being exposed. We learn from experts want companies can do to mitigate against these threats. […]

Hacker Halted Miami – Last Chance to Register

October 20, 2011 SecurityOrb_Staff 0

Not many platforms allow for a participant to learn from so many of the best the industry has to offer. This year, we are very proud to have some of the very best presenting at our event. The very impressive panel of speakers include Bruce Schneier (Internationally acclaimed security guru), Jeremiah Grossman (CTO – WhiteHat Security), George Kurtz (Global CTO – McAfee), Dr. Charlie Miller (Accuvant), Barnaby Jack (McAfee), Moxie Marlinspike (WhisperCore), and many others. We have lined up more than 70 speakers for this year’s event, and designed a very comprehensive agenda covering major hot topics surrounding information security across 4 dedicated tracks. To find out more about this event, please visit: […]

iPhone hack lets you eavesdrop on PC typing

October 20, 2011 SecurityOrb_Staff 0

A research team has developed a hack where iPhones can be used to detect what is being typed on nearby keyboards

Researchers at the George Institute of Technology have turned an iPhone into a spy tool with a hack that allows the phone to determine what is being typed on keyboards nearby.

The typing detection works by “using a smartphone accelerometer – the internal device that detects when and how the phone is tilted – to sense keyboard vibrations as you type to decipher complete sentences with up to 80% accuracy,” according to the Institute.

Security Configuration Management – The Keys to the Digital Kingdom

October 19, 2011 SecurityOrb_Staff 0

IT security configurations serve as the keys to the digital kingdom of your organization’s IT infrastructure and its valuable data. Yet if you examined almost any enterprise organization, you’d find poor configuration settings. What’s more, you’d find little or no integration between configuration solutions and other IT security controls, when they can so clearly be leveraged to increase defensive posture. […]

Thomas Ryan Outed As Occupy Wall Street Snitch

October 19, 2011 SecurityOrb_Staff 0

Gawker introduces Thomas Ryan, a man who worked as a snitch for the NYPD and FBI to keep authorities abreast of Occupy Wall Street’s activities and plans.

Ryan got emails sent to members of one of Occupy Wall Street’s mailing lists and sent them to law enforcement members and others interested in what organizers were up to, according to Gawker. […]

Cyber Security DC Live Oct 14 2011

October 17, 2011 SecurityOrb_Staff 0

In case you missed it, check out last week’s Facebook Live cybersecurity panel discussion featuring Facebook Chief Security Officer Joe Sullivan, National Cyber Security Alliance Executive Director Michael Kaiser and Facebook Security Guide co-author Linda McCarthy: […]

SANS CDI 2011 Press Release – SANS Cyber Defense Initiative 2011 Targets Washington, D.C.

October 14, 2011 SecurityOrb_Staff 0

SANS today announced its final information security training event of the year, Cyber Defense Initiative (CDI) 2011, which will be held December 9 – 16 in Washington, D.C. SANS CDI provides information security professionals in the public and private sectors a unique opportunity to learn from today’s top security experts about the latest cyber attacks and what can be done to stop or mitigate damage. SANS is offering discounted rates to those who register by October 26. […]

SANS Cyber Defense Initiative (CDI) 2011 is coming to Washington, DC

October 13, 2011 SecurityOrb_Staff 0

CDI offers SANS’ most interesting and challenging courses to serve the nation’s most sophisticated cyber security community. Are you in the military or are you a civilian or contractor employee? Are you employed by a bank, a utility, or other critical infrastructure where you have the responsibility to protect the nation’s most sensitive systems? If so, you will find the courses you need to boost your career with the training you need. SANS CDI 2011 is offering 23 courses, including these that are new: Audit 407: Foundations of Auditing Information Systems, Management 442: Information Security Risk Management and Developer 551: Secure Mobile Applications Development: iOS App Security. Hands-on training is the hallmark of these courses along with the promise that you will be able to put what you learn in SANS courses to work as soon as you get back to the office. […]

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