White House Presses For New Cybersecurity Laws

January 31, 2012 admin 0

White House Presses For New Cybersecurity Laws The White House is urging Congress to pass President Obama’s cybersecurity legislation in 2012 to give officials the authority they need to combat “growing and increasingly sophisticated cyberthreats,” […]

Google responds to Congress over privacy policy inquiries

January 31, 2012 SecurityOrb_Staff 0

Google has responded to Congress, defending its decision to make a controversial change to its privacy policy.

In a 13-page letter (document) to several Congress members, Google explained its decision for changing its privacy policy, and answered a host of questions posed by the lawmakers after the search giant announced its plans. […]

A List of Top WordPress Security Plugins by EUKHOST.com

January 30, 2012 SecurityOrb_Staff 0

The ratio of websites running on CMS’s can be assumed to be more than the custom designed sites built from scratch. Quite understandably, there are more number of users using WordPress than any other CMS, hence it becomes crucial to have enhanced security measures for your site. Due to a large volume of users using WordPress as a platform, an increasing number of hackers and fraudsters try to compromise the security of such sites. In majority of the instances sites running on WordPress are compromised due to outdated files and/or plug-ins. Such outdated versions of the associated scripts act as an easy meal for fraudsters. […]

ShmooCon Begins with LobbyCon

January 27, 2012 admin 0

ShmooCon officially kicks off today Friday January 27, 2012, but yesterday was LobbyCon at the Hilton Hotel at 1919 Connecticut Ave, NW in Washington, DC.

The Lobby became a mini conference where conversations, newly forged relationships and ideas were shared in every corner of the hallways by attendees of ShmooCon and those who simply show up to be part of the action without paying to participate and fellowship.

Someone stated, LobbyCons are were we come up with ideas, the deals are made, the projects are talked about and the real learning is done. After an hour LobbyConning, I would have to agree. […]

Counter Terror Expo US Forms Advisory Board to Expand Community Reach and Involvement

January 26, 2012 admin 0

The Counter Terror Expo US , being held May 16-17, 2012 at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center , has formed an advisory board of industry experts from leading organizations to help guide and shape the educational programming and conference content. The advisory board includes individuals from government, academia, law enforcement, media, and the private sector with knowledge ranging from cyber security to border and critical infrastructure protection. […]

Google Releases Chrome 16.0.912.77

January 24, 2012 admin 0

US-Cert has just distributed a notification about the release of Chrome 16.0.912.77 for Linux, Mac, Windows, and Chrome Frame to address multiple vulnerabilities.
The vulnerabilities may allow an attacker to execute arbitrary code or
cause a denial-of-service condition. […]

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