What is Two-Factor Authentication?

October 11, 2013 SecurityOrb_Staff 0

It is an authentication process where two of three recognized factors are used to identify a user:

Something you know – usually a password, passcode, passphrase or PIN.
Something you have – a cryptographic smartcard or token, a chip enabled bank card or an RSA SecurID-style token with rotating digits
Something you are – fingerprints, iris patterns, voice prints, or similar […]

The C.I.A. Triad or C.I.A. Triangle and Other Security Concepts

October 10, 2013 admin 0

Information security is the method of providing confidentiality, integrity and availability to data, information, applications and equipment for those who needs it. The key concept to providing such a level of protection falls on the concept of The C.I.A. triangle which consist of:

– Confidentiality
– Integrity
– Availability […]

MIRcon 2013 – New Keynote Speakers Announced

October 10, 2013 SecurityOrb_Staff 0

Less Than One Month Until MIRcon 2013!
We’ve been busy making sure that this year’s conference is the best one yet and look forward to welcoming you to MIRcon 2013 in just a few weeks. Here’s some information on the latest additions to the agenda and a few tips to make sure that you get the most out of the conference. […]

Blackhole Suspect Arrested in Russia

October 10, 2013 SecurityOrb_Staff 0

Russian authorities have arrested a man believed to be responsible for distributing a notorious software kit known as “Blackhole” that is widely used by cybercriminals to infect PCs, according to a person familiar with the situation. […]

Another iPhone Security Issue

October 3, 2013 SecurityOrb_Staff 0

If the latest security bug findings are verified, it would mark at least the fifth security bug in the iPhone and its iOS operating system uncovered since July. Apple has already fixed some of those flaws, including one disclosed at a summer hacking conference that make the devices vulnerable to snooping. […]

The ultimate keylogger: FBI’s Magic Lantern

October 2, 2013 SecurityOrb_Staff 0

While keyloggers maybe popularly associated with hackers and identity thieves in the digital realm, they have one more master that we often overlook i.e. the FBI. The Magic Lantern was a special program which used tricks only known to black hat hackers. It infiltrates a target’s system and steals all kinds of data. This infographic looks at how the Magic Lantern progressed over time, and precisely what the rootkit can help steal from a target’s system. […]

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