Nessus HTML5 UI 2.0 is Now Available

November 4, 2013 SecurityOrb_Staff 0

Tenable is pleased to announce the Nessus® HTML5 User Interface (UI) 2.0. The new UI provides policy creation wizards to quickly configure accurate and complete scans, and introduces usability improvements that make scan scheduling, processing, and analysis easy and efficient. The new UI is available when Nessus, Nessus Perimeter Service™, and Nessus Home users log into their scanners. […]

WordPress 3.7 Released

October 25, 2013 admin 0

WordPress 3.7, “Basie”, has just been released. It’s been named in honor of Count Basie. The WordPress 3.7 development cycle is the quickest turnaround between major versions with just 86 days from the time it launched WordPress 3.6 back in August 1. It has been stated version 3.8 is due out in December as it will continue this plugin-led development cycle. […]

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