Super Cookies, able to Stomp on your Privacy in a Single Bound

November 12, 2014 ronmac 2

Most of us know about cookie being used to track what websites or searches you have been performing in order to give us web based ads on top or off to the side of your web browsers. This has been going on for a long time and has become a norm for most search engines and others that make their living off of advertising. […]

How good is a product, when the support for it SUCKS?

January 8, 2011 ronmac 0

Something I see get overlooked often in reviewing products, especially expensive security products, is support. I’ve done hundreds of product reviews over the years and numerous benchmarking comparisons to find the best software/hardware for the job. Early on I took for granted the type of support and the ease of access to qualified technical support staff, now it is my 2nd priority when investigating any product. […]

Jailbreaking Apple’s Mobile iProducts Get Easier

August 10, 2010 ronmac 0

As the popularity of the small Apple products (iPhone, iPad, iTouch) take off, they are drawing the attentions of hackers. Some hackers just want to access the OS so they remove roadblocks for application customization and to add unauthorized tools and programs, while others might want to do damage or steal your information.

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