Cloud Security Measures Too Opaque For Customers

February 20, 2013 fdesir 0

An   new article on cloud security  from Dark Reading:  The apparent cost benefits and flexibility of cloud services may have convinced companies’ front offices to dive into the cloud, but convincing corporate security teams is […]

Vulnerabiltiy Management in the Cloud

August 22, 2012 SecurityOrb_Staff 0

Vulnerability management is a key component of a strong information security program. And that’s making sure that with everything you’re doing – in the cloud, on the desktop, browsers and server environments – you can reduce the vulnerabilities so that no matter what threats are out there, they are less likely to be successful.

Securing the Cloud eConference!

July 10, 2012 SecurityOrb_Staff 0

Apple and Google are ramping up their server farms to prepare for massive increases in the use of cloud platforms. Road warriors and consumers the world over are already accessing music, film and data via cloud implementations, like iTunes and Google Docs, and reliance on these systems will only increase. […]

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