The Capital One Data Breach and What Can You Do to Protect Yourself

July 30, 2019 Kellep Charles 1

In one of the biggest data breaches, a hacker by the name Paige Thompson gained access to more than 140,000 Social Security numbers, 1 million Canadian Social Insurance numbers and 80,000 bank account numbers, in addition to an undisclosed number of people’s names, addresses, credit scores, credit limits, balances, and other information.  […]

Book Review of “Practical Cyber Intelligence” by Wilson Bautista Jr

August 31, 2018 Kellep Charles 0

Bautista’s approach of the book “Practical Cyber Intelligence” was comprehensive for both the beginner and seasoned security practitioner regardless of their role. I do think seasoned professional in leadership will find more value in the text as compared to a Jr. Security Analyst. In addition, as an educator, this text definitely has a role in the academic realm especially in the graduate level. […]

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