3 Big Mistakes In Incident Response

May 14, 2013 fdesir 0

A posting from  DarkReading from there Security monitoring section:  The incident response specialist investigating a recent breach of a government services firm was convinced the attack he was investigating was the handiwork of a group of Chinese hackers. The type of […]

Threat Outbreak Alert: Fake Bin Laden Pictures E-mail Messages on May 13, 2011

May 16, 2011 SecurityOrb_Staff 0

Cisco Security Intelligence Operations has detected significant activity related to Portuguese-language spam e-mail messages that claim to contain pictures of Osama Bin Laden The text in the e-mail message instructs the recipient to open a .zip attachment to view the pictures. However, the .zip attachment contains a malicious .scr file that, when executed, attempts to infect the system with malicious code. […]

Electric Grid Vulnerabilities Exposed

August 3, 2010 SecurityOrb_Staff 0

Computer networks controlling the electric grid are plagued with security holes says a new Energy Department report based on the findings of 24 assessments of computer-control systems performed between 2003 and 2009. Many are VERY basic. […]

Microsoft Plans Emergency Windows Patch for Monday August 2nd

August 1, 2010 admin 0

Microsoft stated they will issue an emergency patch for the critical Windows shortcut bug on Monday, Aug. 2. The patch is set to be released on Monday at around 10 a.m. California time. The news of this vulnerability surfaced 2 weeks ago and with an of attackers trying to exploit this vulnerability, Microsoft has taken an out-of-band approach to fix the problem. To date SecurityOrb.com has learned a few companies were comprimised by this bug. […]

Facebook Hacked or Not? – 100 Million User Profiles on Public Site

July 30, 2010 admin 0

Recently in the media, there has been a big “commotion” about the 100 million Facebook profiles containing user IDs, names, URLs and other data that was obtained and place into a file and posted online by Ron Bowles a security consultant. The media and surprisingly many security professionals have been spinning this matter as massive hack on Facebook and its users, when it fact it really was not. […]

85% of All Crimes Leaves a Digital Fingerprint

July 26, 2010 admin 0

It has been stated that 85% of all crime leaves a digital fingerprint in electronic devices. This may occur from an Internet intrusion, identity theft and traditional crime like murder. Computer forensics has aided in the investigation of these crimes. Computer Forensics is the use of specialized techniques for recovery, authentication, and analysis of electronic data when a case involves issues relating to reconstruction of computer usage, examination of residual data, authentication of data by technical analysis or explanation of technical features of data and computer usage. […]