Hack3rCon^4 – Eye of the Storm?

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October 19-20, 2013


Charleston Civic Center in Charleston, WV
Personal and Cyber Security enthusiasts will come together in Charleston, WV on Oct 19-20 for Hack3rCon^4.

304Geeks want to welcome you to another year of mayhem in the hills. Hack3rCon^4 will present a mix of cyber and personal security topics and techniques.


We are proud to announce that the following speakers are confirmed for Hack3rCon^4!


Martin Bos
Adrian Crenshaw
Branden Miller
Eric Milam
Jon Schipp
Sean Palka
Brian Martin
Branden Miller
Justin Rogosky
Nathan Magniez
John Degruyter
Tom Moore


The Schedule – http://hack3rcon4.sched.org/grid

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