June 29-July 1, 2012
Clayton Hall Conference Center
University of Delaware, Newark, DE



Hackademic is a three day security conference that aims to bring together the hacking community and members from the academic community in order to learn from each others successes and failures.

Hosted by the IEEE Reliability Society, this innagural event will be held in the Clayton Hall conference facility at the University of Delaware in Newark DE. Everything about the conference, from the venue to the speakers to the schedule, is structured to facilitate collaboration and information sharing between attendees. Whether you?re an academic researcher looking to for ways to transfer your technology in to industry, a hacker who wants to present your ideas to an audience of professionals, or someone interested in learning the latest in information security, Hackademic will be a valuable investment of your time and energy.


The IEEE Reliability Society is now soliciting papers for Hackademic, to be held June 29-July 1, 2012, at the Clayton Hall Conference Center at the University of Delaware, in Newark, Delaware.

The first annual Hackademic Conference aims to bridge the gap between information security researchers operating inside academia and independent researchers often referred to as ?hackers.? Hackademic exits to facilitate communication and idea sharing by bringing these two communities together in one place. Hackademic will cover the latest security research as well as topics of interest to research professionals

Specific areas of interest include but are not limited to:
? Hardware analysis
? Virtualization-based security
? Infrastructure and SCADA security
? Attacks and defenses for cloud-based applications
? Exploit mitigation
? Vulnerability discovery techniques
? Novel vulnerabilities and attacks
? Observations from academia
? Technology transfer
? Case studies in security startups

Submissions should include:
? Author/Presenters Names and Bios (limited to 150 words)
? A detailed abstract or outline of your work

Submissions should be entered through the Hackademic EasyChair Submission site:

Each submission will be reviewed by at least three independent reviewers and evaluated based on its originality, significance, and clarity.

If Accepted:
A separate 1000 word summary is required with your final submission. This will be published in the Hackademic Conference Magazine to be handed out at the conference. Summaries should be submitted as a Microsoft Word document.

Full papers and/or slides will be made available to attendees after the conference via the Hackademic website. Papers should be in the form of Adobe PDF file and are to be limited to a maximum length of 6 pages.

Further information on where to submit these items will be communicated upon acceptance.

Important Dates:
CFP closes: Friday, May 11, 2012
Notification of acceptance: Friday, May 25, 2012
Submission of 1000 word summary: Friday, June 8, 2012
Submission of final presentation (to include slides and/or full paper): Thursday, June 28, 2012


info (at) hackademic (dot) info [email concealed]

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