A Second Round of Limited Tickets for Security B-Sides DC Goes on Sale

A second round of limited tickets for Security B-Sides DC will be available this Sunday, 9/1/13 at 12:01 am EDT at the price of $15.90.

Security B-Sides DC is a regional Security B-Sides held in Washington, DC. It operates under the umbrella principles of Security B-Sides as a larger community project within information security.

The event will be held on October 19-20, 2013 at the Washington Marriott at Metro Center. For more information check out the website and to view the list of speakers check here.


Security B-Sides operates under three simple principles:

1.  Expand the conversation.

2.  Enable people to join the discussion.

3.  Get people involved.



Mark Boltz

Bill Fisher

Committee Chairs

Robert Weiss, Sponsorships

Dorann Norman, Finance

Alex Norman, Infrastructure

Corey Sinay, Tech

Sam Small, CFP

William McBorrough, Media/PR

Daria Medved, Volunteer Wrangler

Daria Medved, Speaker Wrangler

Preston Thomas, Locksport



Elliot Proebstel, Jonathan Margulies, Shawn Wilson, Stephen Bono, Mark Shrout, Ted Harrington, Elliot Parker, Kellep Charles, Mark Evans, Bereket Amdemichael, Tim Wilson, Michelle Schafer, Seth Feldman, Shane Lawson

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