Main Russian events gathering efforts under the banks’ security topic

Avangard-Center, organizer of the Ural Forum “Information security of banks” and Groteck Media Company, organizer of the International Forum “Security and Safety Technologies” with the support of the Association of Russian banks, have reached an agreement on the further expansion of cooperation.

Purpose of the agreement – creation of a comfortable environment of business communication between representatives of the financial institutions’ security units and coordination of activities both in terms of deadlines, and in terms of their topics.

Within the framework of reached agreements, there have been clarified the time constraints for Security of financial institutions Conference of the Security and Safety Technologies Forum, as well as the deadlines for conducting the Ural Forum. The Conference of TB Forum will be held on February 12, 2014. The VI Information Security of Banks Forum will commence in Magnitogorsk on February 17, 2014.

Besides, the Avangard-Center and Groteck representatives have expressed their intention to strengthen the mutual information support of the events.

Ural Forum “Information Security of Banks” – is the central business event of the sector of information security of banks and payment systems. It is a unique platform for direct communication, being a place engaging into dialogue the representatives of all state regulators (Bank of Russia, Federal Service for Communications, Information Technologies and Mass Communication Supervision, FSS of Russia, Federal Service for Technical and Export Control), law enforcement bodies, banks and payment systems, business communities and non-profit partnerships, companies – suppliers of information security solutions, specialized media.

International Forum “Security and Safety Technologies” – is the only exhibition in Russia, designed to demonstrate the integrated solutions in the field of protection of facilities, assets, employees, of the backbone enterprises of the Russian economy and state customers.

Within the framework of the Forum the biggest congress in Eastern Europe covering the entire spectrum of security issues and gathering more than 2,500 consumers, government representatives, public organizations, executives and industry professionals from 52 countries, is conducted.

Association of Russian Banks (ARB) – is a non-governmental non-profit organization representing the interests of the Russian banking community. Established in March 1991.

As of December 31, 2012, the Association of Russian Banks had 713 members, including 507 credit institutions.

The Associate Membership Institute established by the Association of Russian Banks in 2011 has contributed to the consolidation of the banking community by allowing the banks belonging to the regional banking association, but having no membership in the ARB, to participate in the Association’s work (except for the right to be elected to the governing bodies). Taking into account the associate members, the Association of Russian Banks had 852 members, including 615 credit institutions.

The ARB’s membership includes 46 banks with a 100% foreign share, and 15 banks with more than a 50% foreign share in the authorized capital, 17 representative offices of foreign banks, as well as the member-companies of the Big Four Audit Firms. acts as a strategic media partner at the TB Forum 2014 in the ‘Banks Security’ Section

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