25 Information Security Leaders to Follow on Twitter

A very interesting article by Ed Buzz from InformationSecurityBuzz.com:

You can take any industry in the world and you’ll find a community for it online. These communities are filled with characters and thinkers, jokers and talkers and folk who you’ll occasionally wish had never discovered Twitter.

So we at Information Security Buzz have compiled a list of the top 25 information security leaders you should be following on Twitter.

If you’re new to the industry and looking to find the superstars you should be following within the Twitter community; or just want to see how many of these you are already following, take a look below;

1. Paul Asadoorian – @pauldotcom

a1Some people prefer to absorb information audibly or visually. Luckily; for those in information security who like to learn that way, Paul Asadoorian provides podcasts and video blogs on all the latest from the world of infosec on his site, pauldotcom.com.


2. Gal Shpantzer – @Shpantzer

a2When you need a strong leader, someone to push through the complex business and technical problems, you should look to your Twitter feed and make sure Gal Shpantzer is on it!


3. Ron Gula – @RonGula

a3No artist can work without their instruments and the same is largely true for infosec folk. Turn to Ron Gula, the CEO of Tenable Network Security, he’ll have all the tools you’ll ever need.


4. Andrew Hay – @andrewsmhay

a4Do you know that man, the man that women want to be with and who men want to be? Well now you do, it’s Andrew Hay. He’s the devastatingly handsome Director of Applied Security @Cloudpassage. I look forward to your angry messages about how jealously has overcome you.


5. Jayson E. Street – @jaysonstreet

a5Do you like a bit of mystery on your Twitter feed? Well then you need Jayson E. Street. Scientists have long pondered as to why he only follows 403 people, but because of HTTP Error 403 they don’t have the authorisation to view this information.

Read the rest on their site here.

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