‘Chameleon Botnet’ takes $6-million-a-month in ad money

An article from Cnet news  about Botnet : A newly discovered botnet has found a way to siphon cash from advertisers.

Spider.io, a security researcher, yesterday announced that it has discovered a new botnet, called Chameleon, that’s targeting “at least” 202 Web sites. The botnet is made up of over 120,000 host machines running Windows, according to Spider.io. Those machines are connecting to the Web with a Flash-friendly Trident-based browser that executes JavaScript. The vast majority of the machines — 95 percent — have come from U.S.-based IP addresses.

The botnets have targeted at least 202 Web sites, hitting them with as little as 9 billion ad impressions. The sites themselves are receiving 14 billion ad impressions, meaning the majority are coming from the botnet.

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