Cyber Espionage: The Chinese Threat

Experts at the highest levels of government say it’s the biggest threat facing American business today. Hackers are stealing valuable trade secrets, intellectual property and confidential business strategies.

It’s what experts at the highest levels of government say is the biggest threat to America’s economic security. Cyber spies hacking into U.S. corporations’ computer networks are stealing valuable trade secrets, intellectual property data and confidential business strategies. The biggest aggressor? China. This new wave of espionage amounts to the largest transfer of wealth ever seen, experts say, draining America of its competitive advantage and its economic edge. Unless corporate America wakes up to the cyber espionage threat from China and builds an adequate defense strategy, experts say it may be too late. Join CNBC’s David Faber, July 9th at | 9p ET, for the premiere of Cyber Espionage: The Chinese Threat.

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  1. Richard Steven Hack
    Richard Steven Hack says:

    I consider this as a case of “leveling the playing field”.

    The biggest threat to American business is…incompetent American business (and incompetent and corrupt government.)

    It’s not like American business – not to mention business on every other continent on the planet – hasn’t been doing this sort of thing for decades (and I mean the last hundred years.)

    Not to mention American business relying on American “gunboat diplomacy” to get to where it’s at today. The oil industry, anyone? You think a million Iraqis died because Saddam had “WMDs”? Seriously? You think the upcoming Iran war is over its nuclear program? You are naive.

    China-bashing is the new excuse for US inability to compete and the government’s wrecking of the US economy, nothing more.


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