Delayed or Slow SSH Connection on Mac OS X Systems Fix

When conducting a vulnerability security scan of a Mac OS X system and attempting to obtain credentialed information, it maybe required some configuration changes occur. Often the SSH connections on Mac OS X systems has long delays that will fail when the vulnerability scanner tries to log-in. To solve the problem, follow the below recommendations.

Update Client Configuration

sudo vi /etc/ssh_config

Replace this line:

#GSSAPIKeyExchange yes


GSSAPIKeyExchange no

Be aware you must also remove the sharp symbol (#)

Update Server Configuration

sudo vi /etc/sshd_config

Replace this line:

#UseDNS yes


UseDNS no

Again, be aware you must remove the sharp symbol (#).

An additional course of action would be to add the IP addresses you’re going to connect to (or which are going to connect to your mac) in /etc/hosts.



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