Microsoft rushes out CVE-2013-1347 “Fix it” for the latest Internet Explorer zero-day

A posting from Naked Security:  Remember the US Department of Labor hackwe wrote about at the beginning of the month?

A microsite off the main web page was compromised and used to serve up a drive-by download cocktail that aimed to infect your computer surreptitiously.

The vulnerability that was exploited in the drive-by turned out to an unpatched bug (what’s known as a zero-day or 0-day) in Internet Explorer 8, and was soon labelled CVE-​2013-​1347.

The good news is that Microsoft had just published an emergency patch, known as a Fix it, that is simple to apply, easy to reverse if it causes any problems, and (so Redmond says) knocks the vulnerability on the head.

You can read more about the Fix it in a well-worth-reading blog post from Microsoft’s Secure Windows Initiative team.


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