Nessus® 5.2 Vulnerability Scanner is Now Available

The below content is from an email we received from Tenable:
Tenable is pleased to announce the availability of the Nessus® 5.2 vulnerability scanner. This release provides expanded platform support and integration, enhanced analysis and reporting capabilities, and improved usability. Nessus 5.2 is available now to Nessus ProfessionalFeed®, Nessus Perimeter Service™, and Nessus HomeFeed® users at no additional cost.

Nessus 5.2 delivers the following benefits:

  • Attachments within scan result reports: easy access to supporting information for vulnerability investigation and documentation with a new capability to store attachments within scan result reports.
  • Expanded OS support and integration: Windows 8 and Windows Server 2012 support, and IPv6 scanning for all platforms including Windows.
  • Improved usability: simplified activation to get new users up and running faster, and improved UI responsiveness to enhance the overall user experience. Note: Current Nessus users who upgrade to 5.2 do not need to re-register or re-activate their plugin feed.

For more information on the Nessus 5.2 release, view a brief video introduction or read the “Nessus 5.2 Released” blog post.

Current customers can download 5.2 from the Tenable Support Portal. Detailed instructions and notes on upgrading are located in the Nessus 5.2 Installation and Configuration Guide.

For ProfessionalFeed or Perimeter Service customers who have questions on the Nessus 5.2 release, please contact Tenable Support. HomeFeed users may consult the Tenable Discussion Forum.

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