US science fund pumps $20 million into cybersecurity research

America’s National Science Foundation (NSF) last week announced an investment of $20 million into three academic cybersecurity research projects.

The studies cover cloud security, privacy issues, and improving the security of health-related systems and networks.

The NSF supports over 100 research projects related to cybersecurity, but their ‘Frontier’ awards are among the biggest they grant, supporting major multi-discipline, multi-institution projects.

The largest award of this round, of $10 million, went to a project called Trustworthy Health and Wellness (THaW), a five-year collaboration between researchers from Dartmouth College, Johns Hopkins University, the University of Illinois and the University of Michigan at Ann Arbor, which hosts the Archimedes Center for Medical Device Security.

Their research covers all things medical, including improving secure access to patient data from modern mobile devices, safely using cloud technology for data storage and analysis, and allowing patients to control the personal data gathered by hi-tech medical scanners and sensors.

Read the rest here at Naked Security.

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