Unpatched Remote Access Tools: Your Gift To Attackers

A posting from Information Week in there Security section:

Help desk teams love remote-control software. When employees call with computer problems, the IT department can remotely take control of the user’s machine, copy over files and set all application and operating system wrongs to right.

Unfortunately, they’re not the only group interested in putting TeamViewer, Symantec PCAnywhere, UltraVNC or other remote access software to work. Attackers love the software too, because it allows them to avoid sneaking complex Trojan malware onto a targeted PC. Instead, they use the already installed remote control software to do the heavy lifting for them, and even run attacks from memory, thus making the exploits more difficult to detect, trace or investigate.

Take the three-year old “TeamSpy” espionage operation, first publicly disclosed Wednesday, that’s been targeting high-profile users of the TeamViewer remote control, desktop sharing and file transfer software, which counts over 100 million people as users.

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