One way to get Facebook’s attention: Hack Zuckerberg’s personal page

An interesting article from Security Section:

A security researcher attempting to report a site vulnerability to Facebook’s security team got the kind of robotic non-response that civilian users often gripe about when reporting problems to the world’s largest social network. So how did he finally get the company’s attention? In a dramatic attempt to raise awareness of this privacy hole, he used that very exploit to post a bug report on CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s page.

When he hacked the site, Palestinian developer Khalil Shreateh did get Facebook’s attention. But he didn’t receive the $500 minimum from Facebook’s Bug Bounty program, which — in keeping the site’s hacker pose — offers rewards to infrastructure sleuths. He didn’t get a thank-you note. Nobody bought him a Coke. Instead, for violating Facebook’s terms of service — “Thou shalt not hack Facebook” — Shreateh got his own Facebook profile bounced from the site, at least temporarily.

Read the rest here.

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