A Famous document sharing website Scribd is the Latest Victim of Hack Attack

An interesting article from our partner at hackersnewsbullentin.com on Scribd being the latest victim of an attack:

The world-famous document sharing website Scribd is the Latest victim of hacking and announced that they were hacked , Scribd says that they discovered and blocked suspicious activity on Scribd’s network that appears to have been a deliberate attempt to access the email addresses and passwords of registered Scribd users

As Scribd 1% of our users were potentially compromised by this attack.
They have emailed every user whose password was compromised with the details of the situation and instruction for how they can reset the password.
For those users who did not receive the mail they are safe and if you want to check either you are hacked or not so you can check by below web tool:
No content, payment and sales-related data, or other information were accessed or compromised their Investigation Team said.
Data which has been compromised is:
  • Usernames
  • Emails
  • Encrypted passwords

Get more information at HackersNewsBulletin.com

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