PBS Website Hacked: States Rapper Tupac Shakur is Alive

A Hacker group known as “The Lulz Boat” hacked the PBS website on Sunday and posted a false story claiming the rapper Tupac Shakur who has been dead for 15 years is actually alive and living in New Zealand.

Officials at PBS Television confirmed hackers broke into the organization’s website and posted the false story about the deceased rapper and removed it off their website Monday morning.

The Lulz Boat hacking group stated they were “less than impressed” after watching the network’s program “WikiSecrets” and “decided to sail our Lulz Boat over the PBS servers for further… perusing.”

Many Wikileaks supporters found the programming to be an unfair depiction of the organization and Bradley Manning.  Manning is a military intelligence analyst, who is suspected of leaking thousands of classified documents that ended up on the WikiLeaks website.  The disclosure of these document have been deemed one of the largest leaks of classified material in U.S. history.

In conjunction to the false story, the hackers also posted login information of PBS journalist, contractors, internal PBS websites and a number of internal communications such as letters and emails to a public website.

Anne Bentley, PBS’ vice-president of corporate communications, said in an email “all affected parties were being notified of the issue.”

These types of compromises occur too often due to technology, configuration or policy weaknesses at some of our major organizations.  Last week it was the New York Times site, this week it is PBS, who is next… your organization?

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