An Interview with Mark Russinovich

This week on Washington DC based “The SecurityOrb Show” a discussion with Mark Russinovich occurred. The discussion centered around his role at Microsoft as a Technical Fellow as well as some of the work he did before Microsoft with his companies Winternals and Systernals.

We also talked about his educational background, current projects and views on the new coding methodology.

Mark also discussed his motivation for writing his first two fiction-based books, “Zero Day” and “Trojan Horse” and also stated his third book “Rogue Code” will coming out in spring 2013.

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In addition to the interview with Dr. Russinovich, a discussion on a recent article about how a Chinese hackers are attacking American-based media companies such as Twitter, the NY Times, Bloomberg and Wall Street Journal.

On this show, we talk about how Chinese hacker are attacking US media companies, we also did an interview with Microsoft Technical Fellow, Mark Russinovish, Author of Zero Day and Trojan Horse.

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