Key New Features in SAINT 7.10

Key New Features in SAINT 7.10

  • SAINT Professional is now available on Mac OS X Lion (10.7).
  • You can now fingerprint iPhones and iPads connected to your network. SAINT includes OS Fingerprinting during network discovery and/or vulnerability scanning.
  • New OWASP Top 10 Web Application scanning policy including 12 new web application checks.
  • DoD IAVA – Department of Defense Information Assurance Vulnerability Alert scanning policy and report template added (Requires IAVA plugin).
  • A new OS Password Guess policyhas been added including:
    • all SAINT password-guessing features (excluding password configuration policies) designed to guess the operating system password
    • checks for default FTP passwords
    • the capability to provide dictionary-based password guessing for operating systems (Windows, *nix), including Cisco and other devices, that have Telnet, SSH or FTP. These checks to do not include password guessing for databases or Web Auth.
  • Enhanced content scanning probe now includes performance enhancements as well as assessments on numerous file formats for Linux and UNIX OSs, in addition to Windows.
  • Live hosts that were identified during network discovery can now be displayed within the GUI. A report can also be generated from this discovery file.
  • Enhancements have been made to the backup & restore functionality to include credentials, custom logos, and additional configuration data.
  • New menu-driven launcher application allows starting SAINTmanager, SAINT nodes, and SAINT web listeners from the desktop menu without command-line knowledge.
  • New SAINTmanager RPM and DEB packages for easier SAINTmanager installation on Linux.

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