Mac malware found in malformed Word documents – is China to blame?

An posting  from  Naked security about Mac malware found in malformed Word documents – is China to blame:  Our friends at F-Secure have blogged today about a boobytrapped Word document, that appears to be designed to infect computer systems running Mac OS X.

The malicious Word file, examined by the experts in SophosLabs, claims to be about the “6th International Uyghur Women’s Seminar & 1st World Uyghur Women’s Congress”, run by the International Uyghur Human Rights & Democracy Foundation.

Vulnerabilities, exploited in malformed Word documents, install malicious code onto the recipients’ computer and a legitimate-seeming Word file with content relevant to the victim is displayed as a smoke screen.

It’s clear that the attack is targeted against Uyghur Mac users, and we have seen similar attacks in the past.

Sophos products detect the malware as OSX/Agent-AADL and Troj/DocOSXDr-B.


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