DoD Inspector General Calls Out Army CIO For Poor Mobile Device Security

An posting from Threat post on mobile device Security: The CIO of the U.S. Army failed to put in place a comprehensive security program capable of protecting data stored on commercial mobile devices such as iPhones and Androids, leaving sensitive information in key Army installations exposed. The Inspector General of the Department of Defense took the Army CIO to task in a new report, saying that the CIO “did not implement an effective cybersecurity program for [commercial mobile devices]”.

The Office of the Inspector General for the DoD set out to see how certain parts of the Army were handling the challenge of protecting sensitive data in the era of mobile computing. The OIG went to the U.S. Military Academy and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Engineer Research and Development Center to look at the facilities’ security programs and see whether they had safeguards in place to mitigate the risks of mobile devices in their environments, essentially the same risks that enterprises face with the BYOD problem.

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