Invincea™ Browser Protection enables users to knock out sophisticated Web-borne threats–in real time

Invincea™ Browser Protection shields PC users against all types of Web-borne threats by seamlessly moving desktop Web browsers into a controlled virtual environment.

Exceptional Protection: Invincea provides a fully isolated browser environment to maximize PC protection. It automatically detects and terminates a threat in real time, disposes of the tainted environment, and restarts a pristine one.

Signature-Free Detection: Unlike other solutions, Invincea does not rely on malware signatures for detection, nor does it rely on users to make correct security decisions. Instead, it automatically identifies malware attacks based on behaviors and actions inside a controlled environment.

Easy to Use & Deploy: The Invincea secure browsing environment has the same look and feel as your unprotected browser, with no difference in use and negligible PC performance impact. Invincea Browser Protection can be easily distributed and updated using your existing desktop management system.

Forensic Intelligence: Invincea captures actual, real-time malware attack details that can be used to bolster other security devices.

REQUIREMENTS: Invincea is a Windows-based application supporting XP and Vista, with Windows 7 support coming soon.

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More information on Invincea can be found here or

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