Amazon AWS Inspector

November 15, 2018 Kellep Charles 0

Amazon Inspector is an automated security assessment service that helps you test the network accessibility of your Amazon EC2 instances and the security state of your applications running on those instances. […]

Cloud & The Security Skills Gap

July 6, 2015 fdesir 0

An informative video on cloud and the security skill gap  from   F5 Network security evangelist David Holmes offers concrete advice about how cloud outsourcing can help companies with a talent shortfall solve three […]

Cloud Security Measures Too Opaque For Customers

February 20, 2013 fdesir 0

An   new article on cloud security  from Dark Reading:  The apparent cost benefits and flexibility of cloud services may have convinced companies’ front offices to dive into the cloud, but convincing corporate security teams is […]

TakeDownCon Dallas 2012, May 4 9

February 21, 2012 SecurityOrb_Staff 0

This highly technical IT security conference series was launched in 2011 in Dallas, Texas. TakeDownCon is a no-frills and topic focused conference series that is targeted towards the security engineers, researchers and analysts. The topical theme of this unique event series revolves around some of the most talked-about security issues such as Web Application Security, SCADA and Critical Infrastructures, Cloud Security, among others. Cities that are earmarked where TakeDownCon will be hosted in the near future are Las Vegas, Chicago, New York, Washington DC, Amsterdam, London, Johannesburg, Singapore, among others. For more information about TakeDownCon, please visit: […]