Installing ClamAV on CentOS 7

July 12, 2018 Kellep Charles 0

Referenced from Linux-Audit: To get ClamAV on CentOS installed, we have to use the EPEL repository (Extra Packages for Enterprise Linux). Fortunately, the Fedora project provides this with an easy installation. Unfortunately the default configuration […]

Accessing and Installing GSM Community Edition – OpenVAS

July 12, 2018 Kellep Charles 0

Version: 4.2.17 (includes OpenVAS-9) Download: (350 MByte) sha256sum: a4490e1c1d5b93c52b67eb533da8aa0ebe435551f89c8cea1619e6a772733a97 Compatibility: VirtualBox, ESXi, Hyper-V Minimum requirements: 2 CPU Cores, 2 GByte RAM The GSM Community Edition is a derivate of the GSM ONE and allows […]

Reset the admin password in OpenVAS

July 12, 2018 Kellep Charles 0

Try this: openvasmd –user=admin –new-password=new_password Or you can create a new administrative account with : openvasad -c add_user -u your_new_login_here -r Admin Then use this account to change the default admin’s password.

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