Key New Features in SAINT 7.10

September 16, 2011 SecurityOrb_Staff 0

SAINT Professional is now available on Mac OS X Lion (10.7).
You can now fingerprint iPhones and iPads connected to your network. SAINT includes OS Fingerprinting during network discovery and/or vulnerability scanning.
New OWASP Top 10 Web Application scanning policy including 12 new web application checks.
DoD IAVA – Department of Defense Information Assurance Vulnerability Alert scanning policy and report template added (Requires IAVA plugin).
A new OS Password Guess policyhas been added including:
all SAINT password-guessing features (excluding password configuration policies) designed to guess the operating system password
checks for default FTP passwords
the capability to provide dictionary-based password guessing for operating systems (Windows, *nix), including Cisco and other devices, that have Telnet, SSH or FTP. These checks to do not include password guessing for databases or Web Auth.

Enhanced content scanning probe now includes performance enhancements as well as assessments on numerous file formats for Linux and UNIX OSs, in addition to Windows.
Live hosts that were identified during network discovery can now be displayed within the GUI. A report can also be generated from this discovery file.
Enhancements have been made to the backup & restore functionality to include credentials, custom logos, and additional configuration data.
New menu-driven launcher application allows starting SAINTmanager, SAINT nodes, and SAINT web listeners from the desktop menu without command-line knowledge.
New SAINTmanager RPM and DEB packages for easier SAINTmanager installation on Linux. […]