Costco Phishing Scam

December 30, 2013 admin 2

Phishing is a technique used to gain personal information for purposes of identity theft, using fraudulent e-mail messages that appear to come from legitimate businesses. These authentic-looking messages are designed to fool recipients into divulging personal data such as account numbers and passwords, credit card numbers and Social Security numbers. […]

Phishers try flattery with Facebook Page owners

May 28, 2013 fdesir 0

An interesting article in Naked Security on Phishers try flattery with Facebook Page owners: Beware, fanboys and fangirls: phishers are targeting Facebook Page owners with a bogus message supposedly sent from Facebook Security. According to Hoax-Slayer, the scam claims that Facebook […]

Phishing Overview in the United States

October 19, 2010 admin 0

In United States, phishing is becoming one of the fastest evolving classes of identity theft scams on the Internet, causing both short-term losses and long-term economic damage. In a phishing scam, the identity thief poses as a legitimate person from a reputable company to try to entice people to visit bogus Web sites, where they are asked to reveal important personal information, such as credit card data. Although most phishing attacks target the financial industry, a growing number of phishing incidents target other sectors, such as retailers, online game operators and Internet Service Providers.