New Stuxnet clues suggest sabotage of Iran’s uranium enrichment program

November 16, 2010 SecurityOrb_Staff 0

Stuxnet, considered by many security researchers to be the most sophisticated malware ever, targeted Windows PCs that managed large-scale industrial-control systems in manufacturing and utility companies. Those control systems, called SCADA, for “supervisory control and data acquisition,” operate everything from power plants and factory machinery to oil pipelines and military installations. […]

Stuxnet was a directed attack with insider knowledge expert says

September 22, 2010 admin 0

Stuxnet appeared on the scene earlier this summer, though it was written more than a year ago. The code, its mechanics, the way it moved from system to system using Zero-Day vulnerabilities in Windows, everything about it was both frightening and shady. The hype given to it was justified, if only because it was a targeted payload, aimed at critical infrastructure. […]