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SC eSymposium: Mobile Security

Date: Thursday, September 8 at noon
Location: Your computer

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To safeguard mobile devices used by business executives, the data stored on them and the connectivity to corporate networks they enable is a constant trial – one that is infrequently satisfactorily remedied. This is leaving many security pros comparing themselves to Sisyphus rolling a giant boulder up a steep hill over and over. The difference: mobile security troubles only grow heavier. Not only are smartphones, tablets and other devices now ubiquitous, they’re often brought from home. So, just how are companies supposed to secure these things – some private, some corporate-issued? How can such a heterogeneous environment be centrally managed and safeguarded? What about all those applications end-users keep downloading? What about the data they want to download on them? Any legal ramifications? How does the company stay compliant? We’ll provide some answers.

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